About Us

About Legit Poppers

Legit Poppers is the #1 poppers shop in the UK since 2011. You will always get factory fresh aromas for an unbeatable cheap price. Furthermore, we offer you automatically a great bulk discount on your poppers order. We are very discreet: No reference is made to poppers – not on the packing or your bill. Our online shop is safe and secure and will send your data encrypted with SSL. In our online shop, you can buy from a wide selection of poppers. Poppers are room aromatizers that enhance and sharpen all sensations several times over. Using poppers will give you pleasure comparable to the euphoria of intimacy with a new sexual partner. An orgasm with these flavors is like fireworks!

Operating principle

The main action of poppers is aimed at:

  • relieving emotional stress;
  • increased sensitivity of the body;
  • relaxation of smooth muscles;

Both one-time and multiple uses are possible. Depending on the components of the composition, the effect of poppers appears after 4-10 seconds and lasts several minutes. During this time, the human body is filled with weakness and calm. Products undergo thorough control, so the purchase of counterfeits or low-quality goods is excluded. We maintain 100% confidentiality about every buyer.

Composition and types of flavors

The main components of the composition are nitrites, alcohols and fragrances. There are no narcotic components at all, so poppers do not cause addiction or dependence. Suitable for use by persons over 18 years of age. 

Our online store offers all types of poppers from global manufacturers. Regardless of the production series, such flavors are divided into 3 categories:

  1. Potent.
  2. Standard.
  3. With a slow effect.

There are various scents to choose from, so everyone will choose the best option for themselves.